Sunday, 10 March 2013

Back aches are the worst!!

People used to tell me how bad their backaches were during pregnancy, especially through the last trimester and i used to think ohh they cant be that bad but now i take that back they are horrible, and it doesnt help that im getting bigger and bigger by the days now so they are getting worse and worse :( But apart from backaches everything else is actually been okaay, iv been very lucky with my pregnancy and the only thing that does bother me is the backaches which i cant stop so i find ways to deal with it. At the end of the day i cant be lazy and just lay about all day, i have a house to think about now so i have to do the housework, cook tea, do the washing, pay bills, go food shopping just be independant, all that stuff is not gonna get done on its own. And i kind of like the little house wife role and mummy role, i have a thing about cleaning atm so think i may be in the nesting section of pregnancy lol :) But it is so nice to have my own place where me and my bf can spend time just us 2 without my family interfering, i love them to bits but me and my bf need us time before we have a baby around, its nice just to have space to put everything as well because at my mums it was getting to crowded with all my stuff then my bfs things as well as Taylors and my step daughters things as well, trying to pile 4 peoples stuff in one bedroom is very hard lol :) We have finally sorted all the furniture though, we had most of it sorted but we were just waiting for the furniture for Taylors room, i no she wont be in it until she is 6 months but i wanted to have her room ready for her, but now everything is up it looks super cute and i cant wait to see her in it hehe :)
For the first 6 months she will be in our room in a swinging crib which is all set up ready for her arrival, it looks so cute just sitting there next to my bed just cant wait to actually see a little baby in there. Then in her bedroom it is all been painted pink (obviously got to have a nice girlie room) she has a white cot bed which i just need to get a mattress and bedding set for, then she has a set of drawers that were mine in my mums house but they suit more in her room because they are white, then she has a white wardrobe and set of drawers which were the 2 things we were waiting for...but now they are up and her room is done, all her clothes have been put away and its ready for when she is 6 months :) The only other thing i wanna do is get some wall stickers so her walls dont look so plain, obviously they will be hello kitty ones because thats the theme to her bedroom....But yeah we are all settled in, furniture is finally all in and and i have finished all my baby shopping si now its literally waiting on when my little madam wants to make an appearance....only 8 weeks and 6 days till my due date so now its playing the waiting game which i hate!!!! But my baby girl is worth the wait and i cant wait to meet her <3

This is the bouncy chair we got our little princess, how could i not get it? It goes with the theme to her bedroom and it was on offer so i thought why not lol :) <3

I will post pics of her bedroom later when i have finished sorting her things out there, and i got a couple of outfits im gonna need to post on here because they are so adorable hehe :)

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