Sunday, 10 March 2013

Back aches are the worst!!

People used to tell me how bad their backaches were during pregnancy, especially through the last trimester and i used to think ohh they cant be that bad but now i take that back they are horrible, and it doesnt help that im getting bigger and bigger by the days now so they are getting worse and worse :( But apart from backaches everything else is actually been okaay, iv been very lucky with my pregnancy and the only thing that does bother me is the backaches which i cant stop so i find ways to deal with it. At the end of the day i cant be lazy and just lay about all day, i have a house to think about now so i have to do the housework, cook tea, do the washing, pay bills, go food shopping just be independant, all that stuff is not gonna get done on its own. And i kind of like the little house wife role and mummy role, i have a thing about cleaning atm so think i may be in the nesting section of pregnancy lol :) But it is so nice to have my own place where me and my bf can spend time just us 2 without my family interfering, i love them to bits but me and my bf need us time before we have a baby around, its nice just to have space to put everything as well because at my mums it was getting to crowded with all my stuff then my bfs things as well as Taylors and my step daughters things as well, trying to pile 4 peoples stuff in one bedroom is very hard lol :) We have finally sorted all the furniture though, we had most of it sorted but we were just waiting for the furniture for Taylors room, i no she wont be in it until she is 6 months but i wanted to have her room ready for her, but now everything is up it looks super cute and i cant wait to see her in it hehe :)
For the first 6 months she will be in our room in a swinging crib which is all set up ready for her arrival, it looks so cute just sitting there next to my bed just cant wait to actually see a little baby in there. Then in her bedroom it is all been painted pink (obviously got to have a nice girlie room) she has a white cot bed which i just need to get a mattress and bedding set for, then she has a set of drawers that were mine in my mums house but they suit more in her room because they are white, then she has a white wardrobe and set of drawers which were the 2 things we were waiting for...but now they are up and her room is done, all her clothes have been put away and its ready for when she is 6 months :) The only other thing i wanna do is get some wall stickers so her walls dont look so plain, obviously they will be hello kitty ones because thats the theme to her bedroom....But yeah we are all settled in, furniture is finally all in and and i have finished all my baby shopping si now its literally waiting on when my little madam wants to make an appearance....only 8 weeks and 6 days till my due date so now its playing the waiting game which i hate!!!! But my baby girl is worth the wait and i cant wait to meet her <3

This is the bouncy chair we got our little princess, how could i not get it? It goes with the theme to her bedroom and it was on offer so i thought why not lol :) <3

I will post pics of her bedroom later when i have finished sorting her things out there, and i got a couple of outfits im gonna need to post on here because they are so adorable hehe :)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Settled in :)

Finally settled in to our new house, and omg im loving the grown up life so far. Its so much less stressful being in my own house with just me and my boyfriend, its nice to spend alone time together :) The house looks so nice and im so impressed with how well we have decorated everything and how we have laid out all the furniture, it looks amazing and im so proud to call this my home! I couldnt have done this all without my families help though, they have been so amazing the past 2 weeks helping us get everything in and helping us pay for some of things, so im very grateful towards my family!
Anyway Sunday i had the 4D scan which was the most amazing thing i have ever experienced, i didnt realise how clear they actually were but i saw my beautiful girls face and she looked so cute i just wanted her there right then to give her cuddles! The scan lasted for 20 mins and the whole thing was put on  a dvd which came with the package we paid for so now i can watch my baby girl as many times as i want.....and then we also paid extra to get a cd rom of all the still pictures that were taken, so we have nearly 100 pictures on a disk which im happy about :) I have a weird daughter though, the woman doing the scan said that babies usually have their hands in front of their face, but not my daughter she had her feet in her face.....typical of my child lol :) But she was very active through the whole scan and kept kicking the wand of my belly which was so cute, her face was clear and i can already see she has my nose and lips, and then she gave us a huge smile and stuck her tongue out which looked exactly like lacey's smile, so i have a feeling she is gonna look like Lacey which doesnt bother me coz she is a beautiful little monkey hehe :) So it was all worth the money and im glad i got to see her like that because it was the most beautiful thing i could have possibly done.....i wish i could do it again to be honest but i dont have the money to if not i probably would.
Today i had my 28 week midwife appointment which went really well, everything is fine, im measuring how i should be at 28 weeks and Taylor is head down so thats good, i was getting worried she wasnt going to move and something would go wrong but shes a good girl....and we got to hear her heartbeat and omg it was such a strong heartbeat, so beautiful just to hear it and no that she is okaay :) Booked in my whooping cough flu jab for thursday as i want to protect my daughter as much as i can so anything i can do to prevent anything happening to her i will....shes my world and i love her so much i couldnt bare having anything happen to her it would break my heart!!!
She is so active now though and my whole belly moves when she is having an active moment, its so weird watching it though it looks like something you would see in an alien film but i love watching it, me and my boyfriend will sit there and watch my belly for like half an hour straight, he always sits there and talks to my belly and touches it and she goes crazy so obviously a daddies girl already bless her.....its just nice to see him get excited like i do because i no a lot of guys wouldnt but he loves being a dad already and the thought of another little princess makes him feel amazing!!! Its nice that we can bring the girls up in a house thats nice and spacious, huge garden as well so we gonna be building them a wooden playhouse this summer and get a little climbing frame and trampoline out there, they are gonna love it!!!! Heres some pics of my bump and the 2D/4D scan :) <3

Picture 1 i am 27 + 5 and Picture 2 i am 28 + bump is getting huge now and im actually starting to waddle now lol :)

2D picture from the scan Sunday (it was a 2d/4d scan so we got some 2d images as well)

My beautiful little fave picture is the 5th one where she has a huge smile on here face....just makes me smile thinking thats my little girl and she just looks so happy, there were like nearly 100 pics but i aint gonna put them all on here, these were just my fave ones!! Im such a proud mummy its unreal, didnt think i could ever feel love like this for a human being but i have all this love for my daughter and shes not evan here yet!! <3 xxxxxx

Saturday, 2 February 2013

New home!

So good news im finally moving out!!!! My grandads friend had a house that he wanted to put up for rent so we said we would rent it, its a 3 bedroom house and it is so happy that Taylor and Lacey will get to have their own rooms and then the main bedroom is bigger enough to split into 2 bedrooms....i love it!!!! We have sorted most of the furniture already so literally we just need to do some painting in the living room and girls bedrooms and get the furniture in the house plus connect the cooker and washing machine so we can actually use them. Also the front door is  super stiff so we getting that sorted through the week. I havent been this happy in ages, finally i can start my own little family. Its so weird to think in the last 8 months i have found the perfect boyfriend i could possibly ask for who has given me a beautiful little girl thats going to be making an appearance in may and now we have our own everything is just going to perfectly for me right now couldnt ask for a better life!!!! I love the fact we have a huge main bedroom though, ever since i was a little girl i always wanted a big dressing table that i could have all my makeup, perfumes like all that stuff on and me and my bf managed to find a really beautiful one, someone sold us it for £50 but they paid £320 for it i am litrerally so over the moon its beautiful!! I will try get a pic of it because it is to die for im in love :)
So for the living room we have brown leather recliner sofa's (that are so comfy) and a tv that my nanny and grandad gave us, then we got coffee table and tv unit that my bfs mum got us, we  bought a computer desk and chair (only a little desk) from someone that wanted £25 for it so i didnt mind paying that as it looks brand new, and we using the dvd unit i have in my bedroom already as it looks new so thats all our living room sorted we just have to paint and get some new curtains.
The kitchen is quite big so im happy with that, all it needed was a good scrub down so i spent the other day doing that now its spick and span shiny...we bought a washing machine and cooker £150 for both, they are second hand but they are in good condition and work perfectly fine, and then we bought a fridge freezer from this woman and it cost us £60 and its basically brand new so that was a total bargain :) We have been buying all our kitchen bits as we go by like toaster, kettle, microwave, cutlery, dinnerwear ect and we have now got all that so as soon as we move in properly i will be putting all that in the kitchen.
The bathroom is not the best bathroom in the world, its quite small to be honest but cant have everything perfect, and it does need a really good scrub down as well, also needs a new toilet seat which my grandad is sorting for us. But its a good enough bathroom for us so im okaay with all that just need to give it a good clean and then it will look fine.
Our bedroom is amazing it is huge, like seriously i can fit so much in there. We have a double bed that my nanny has given us and my mum and dad are just buying the mattress for us. We have bought our duvet set and covers with pillows and pillow cases so we don't need to worry about them.We have just ordered 2 sets of drawers so we have one each and a 3 door wardrobe and they should be getting delivered Friday. And then obviously i have my dressing table as well. We still need to get bedside tables but i think my mum and dad may be getting them for us.
Lacey's room doesn't really need a lot of done to it because obviously she doesn't live with us, but she is going to be having my single bed i have in my room so it saves us buying her one and it has storage under it as well, then we are going to get her a little set of drawers to have her clothes in, then she will have a toybox in there with all her toys so i can see her room always being quite ummm messy lol :)
Taylors room is slightly smaller than Laceys but there isnt much difference in them, my nanny said she will buy a cotbed after Taylor is born so that helps alot! And then i will be putting my set of drawers in my room now into her room so i can store her clothes but apart from them i dont really need anything else in there until she is a little older so i will worry about other stuff later on in the year :)
And then lastly the garden....well omg!!! It is huge so i cant wait for the summer, Lacey and Taylor will have a garden to play in, and my bf and dad both love gardening so they will be getting stuck in doing that when the weather gets better :)
So we are very lucky really, i just cant wait to actually be moved in! If things go to plan this week we should be moved in by Friday or Saturday but we need to be in there by Feb 11th because we are getting our sky sorted then but we will if all this weeks decorating and moving goes to plan :) Only 14 weeks till my baby girl is due, and only 2 weeks until 4d scan, i cant wait to see my baby girl on a scan again just wanna no she is growing okaay and everything is fine....we did have midwife the other day and im measuring how i should be and got to hear her heartbeat and it sounded fine so she is all good in there but i wanna see it with my own eyes not just hear it.....So busy week ahead of me, moving is so stressful lol :)

Saturday, 26 January 2013

My baby checklist

This is just my checklist that i keep handy so i no what im buying to prepare for my girl.....i would be such a mess without this list so thought i would just post it and maybe it would help others that were stuck what to buy for their bubba's as well :)

- Pushchair/Travel system +  Car seat + Pram blanket
- Crib/Moses basket + Mattress + Sheets + Blankets
- Bath Chair/Baby bath
- Bouncy chair
- Play gym + Tummy time mat
- Changing mat
- Bottles with teats and caps
- Bottle brush
- Sterilizing equipment 
- Sponges
- Wash cloths
- Muslin squares
- Cuddle robes/Towels
- Nappy cream
- Cotton Wool/Cotton soft sheets
- Baby shampoo
- Baby lotion
- Baby oil
- Baby brush
- Small nail clippers/Scissors
- Thermometer
- Bibs
- Fleece blanket
- Dummies
- Soothers/Teethers
- Toys
- Nursing pillow
- Bumbo
- Clothes + Sleep-suits + Light Jacket
- Socks + Booties
- Mittens
- Formula Milk
- Nappies
- Wipes
- Baby Monitor

Thats all the essential stuff i need and them obviously if there is anything else i have seen that i want to get her i get it, but that is the main stuff that is needed for a newborn really :) I just go by this list ticking things off when i have them and by looking at this all i have left to get is;
- Bath Chair
- Bouncy Chair
- Play gym 
 We are getting them 3 things next month when my bf gets paid so we dont have anaything to worry about really :) I do need the sterilizing equipment as well but my mum is going to be buying that for me so i dont need to worry about that. And then when it comes to all like the baby lotions and bath stuff my bfs nanny is getting that all for us plus some clothes, nappies, mittens, socks all little bits that will help out and shes putting it all in one of them bath boxes so i dont need to worry about any of that stuff either so yeah we are basically done withe everything we need :)


Movement :)

Well not really much to tell other than i can actually now see my belly move when my little princess kicks....omg its so weird just seeing my belly flick out but i love every minute of it :) Me and my boyfriend have just sat there staring at my belly for the past few nights just watching her be a little ninja, i love how active she is now because it makes me worry a hell of a lot less because its like a way of her telling me that shes there and shes okaay. Seriously though it seems like the closer my due date gets the slower the time gos, i have 15 weeks left and it feels like its just going to slow i just wanna meet my baby girl already! The first 20 weeks went like super quick and then all of a sudden the weeks have just slowed down and its crazy. Good thing is we have nearly finished baby shopping we only have a few extra bits to get next month when my bf gets paid and then we done :) I cant stop myself buying her clothes though, its like if i see something cute i have to get it, got to have my girl looking cute haven't i hehe :) Ohh and we got some total bargains in asda the other day, at they have their baby toddler event on we thought why not get some bits out the way.....we got a huggies hospital starter kit which has 27 nappies, a pack of wipes and cotton soft sheets all for £3 and then we got a pack of 75 newborn huggies nappies for £8, a box of 6 packs of little angels wipes for £4 and then the best thing that is seriously amazing we got a pack of 6 Tommee Tippee closer to nature pink bottles, they were meant to be £25 but they were down to £10, seriously how could i not get them for that price??? So im happy with my bargains i got lol :) Ohh and i have already packed Taylor's hospital bag as i have everything for it apart from the formula but we are getting that closer to the time and i have briefly started on mine but not in any rush at the minute. Lastly my bump is growing by the days now, its like she is just having a massive growth spurt because i just feel like i am getting bigger and bigger every day i wake up, evan my bf mentioned it to me saying i look bigger every morning lately :)
 This was taken at 22 weeks and 3 days......very proud mummy as you can see :)

This was taken at 23 weeks and 2 days....i don't no about anyone else but i can see the difference from 22 weeks :)

And then this was at 24 weeks and 4 days....and now i can definatley see the difference so she is growing very quickly but im proud of my bump and im proud of the fact im going to be a mummy to a beautiful baby girl :)


Saturday, 5 January 2013

Hospital bag....

So im like super bored so i thought i would do a list of all the stuff i need in my hospital bag as its something thats gonna help me out nearer the time anyway. Took me ages to actually find out because i didnt have a clue but i think this is everything im gonna need lol :)

Things for me;
- Birthing plan and maternity notes
- Dressing Gown
- Slippers
- Socks
- Long t-shirt's and PJ's
- Lip balm
- Underwear and nursing bra's
- Disposable nickers
- Breast pads
- Maternity pads
- Towel
- Clothes for going home
- Tooth brush and tooth paste
- Deodorant
- Make-up
- Hairbrush, hairbands and grips
- Snacks and drinks
- Ipod touch, magazines, ect (things to keep me occupied)
- Water spray or hand held fan
- Mobile and charger
- Camera

Things for Taylor- Lilly;
- 2-3 sleep suits and vests
- Mittens
- Socks or booties
- Baby blanket
- Nappies
- Cotton wool or wipes
- Nappy cream
- Formula milk and bottles
- Muslin squares
- Hat
- Jacket or cardigan
- Dummy
- Car seat

So that's everything i can think of, i probably have forgotten something but i dont have a clue what im meant to be taking in my hospital bag as i have never done any of this before. Love the whole new experience though its awesome :)


Thursday, 3 January 2013


Yeah i no its a little late but i have been so busy haven't had time to write an update of whats going on. So my baby girl has started kicking like crazy and actually getting to the point where its keeping me awake but it feels so nice i love it, just reassures me that she is okaay :) My boyfriend finally got to feel her as well like a couple of days before Xmas, he was so happy and then he got to feel her Xmas day as well which was amazing for him and i cant tell you how happy it made him feeling our little princess, hes such a proud daddy :) But yeah our Christmas was really nice and my man spoilt me rotten bless him but then i was a super top gf by getting him a ps3 so i think he was quite spoilt as well lol :) But boxing day was the best day, i had my step daughter round mine opening all her presents from me and my boyfriend and she loved it, she took about 5 hours opening everything but it was an amazing day and she had a lot of fun playing with all her new toys, the only thing is her birthday is January 25th so shes gonna be getting spoilt again soon....more money out my pocket lol :) I had a good new years eve as well, we had family come round for a little get together and it was such a laugh, my boyfriend was  there as well and it was just so nice that he got along with all my family, he is the first bf iv ever introduced to other family members other than my mum, dad and brother so it was nice that everyone can see how serious i am about him and how much he is supporting me through this pregnancy, but he is such an amazing dad already so i new he was gonna support me the second i found out. But now its new year and a start to a new life, its now weird saying my daughter is gonna be born this year!!! But i have the most amazing first memory of  2013, and its one i will never forget because it was so perfect, me and my man laying in bed watching ted while we both feel our little princess kick away, now that is what i call a moment for life :) Hmmm what else can it i tell you......ohh we finally booked our 4d scan which i cannot wait to have, we have it booked for February 17th!!! I'm literally so excited hehe :) Also booked my 25 week appointment with the midwife as well which i have on January 29th so will probably get to hear my baby girls heartbeat again which will be amazing!!! :) Omg though my belly is literally growing daily now, its getting so big and i actually look pregnant instead of fat now....and its weird because i can actually see my belly move when she kicks its so beautiful to see and makes me such a proud mummy. Other symptoms are pretty much the usual but i have been getting the craziest back aches and it sucks, and i keep getting leg cramps as well which aint to good but i mostly only get them at night time when im sitting in the same position for to long. So everything is going super well with my baby girl and i love her more than anything in the world, she is my everything and i cannot wait to meet her, she is has been getting so spoilt as well i just cant help but spend money on her, she has so many clothes now and most of everything else to be honest lol :) So bring on 2013 i can see this being my year, and defoo a changed me, im crazy in love with the most amazing guy ever, i have a beautiful step daughter, should be moving out either before Taylor is here or not long after, going to be doing home study to get my qualifications in English, maths, fashion design and child psychology, maybe get engaged we will see as i no my bf wants to but i keep holding it off, and last but not least the main thing of this year going to meet my beautiful daughter which i cannot wait for im literally counting down the days (126 days left to be exact lol) hehe :) Anyway here is my latest belly pic, i have like a perfect bump atm, its perfectly round and i did have tiny stretch marks on my hips but they have faded so all good :) This pic i am 21 weeks and 6 days........

 Look at my beautiful baby girl bump, love my bump so much :) Mummy and Daddy love you loads princess cant wait to meet you <3 xxxxxx