Monday, 29 October 2012

12 week scan!

So today was  my 12 week scan......feels like the past 3 weeks have gone so quickly. I was up at 6.00 this morning, mainly due to morning sickness, but i think maybe because i was a little excited as well. Today i had my boyfriend Troy, my mum and my 13 year old brother Jay come to the scan with me. It was amazing seeing how big my bubba had gotten since my last scan which was at 9 weeks. The only thing is i had a little bit of a stubborn bubba today, it didn't want to move to let us see everything, it wanted to sleep instead the little monkey lol :) It took a while to finally wake up and let us get the most decent picture we could, it wriggled a little when it woke up which was cute but it looked like it went straight back to sleep again. My due date had changed slightly, i found out that im now due May 10th 2013 so not much difference really. But everything was perfectly fine with me and the baby, it was measuring 6cm which is average measurement for 12 weeks so its a good size and the amniotic fluid around the head is perfectly normal, everything is growing how is should be so im happy. As long as i no my bubba is okaay and healthy i feel more at ease. I have my next scan on 17th December which is when i will be finding out whether im having my baby girl Taylor Lilly Wood or my baby boy Kaiden Lee Logan Wood, i seriously cannot wait so then i can start baby shopping for the sex instead of getting neutral clothes all the time. So all in all a very happy day for me and im very proud mummy who loves her little munchkin more than anything in the world!!!!

Not that much of a clear picture but i can still see the main parts of my bubba that i need to, just obviously being very stubborn like its mummy today lol :) <3 xxx

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Mummys getting bigger :)

Well i am now officially 12 weeks pregnant today and i am feeling some what better but still got a few of my symptoms like morning sickness every single morning as soon as i wake up, constant headaches and dizziness, feeling like someone is grabbing my belly and stretching it and just feeling uncomfortable a lot of the time. But on the plus side im not feeling so tired anymore and i feel like i have a bit more energy back in me now which is super awesome!! But one thing i have noticed more than anything is my bump it has got so much bigger since my first scan which was only 3 weeks ago. Its amazing how much it is growing in so little time. Soon il be feeling my bubba kick, seriously cannot wait for that :) I have my scan on Monday and i am literally so excited i cant stop talking about, finally get to see my little munchkin again and hopefully it will be active for its mummy and daddy again as well as its nanny and uncle since my mum and younger brother is going to be coming along to see it. Ohhh and i have started my own pregnancy and baby scrapbook so i can keep all the amazing memories that me, my boyfriend, my bubba and my step daughter are going to have as one little happy family. Life is looking so good at the minute and things are starting to go to plan just hope noting messes any of this up for me and my family. Heres some updated pictures of my iccle bump!!!1 <3

Mummy and daddy's little munchkin growing away.....cant wait to meet you bubba!!!! We love you more than anything and nothing will change that <3 xxx

Monday, 8 October 2012


Omg i had my first scan today and it has to be the most amazing thing i have ever seen!!! I was so worried when i went in there because i thought that either nothing was gonna show up or they couldn't find a heartbeat but my little munchkin was perfect :) It was an active little thing wriggling its little arms and legs about it was soooooo cute :) The only thing is turns out im not as far along as i thought i was im only 9 weeks 2 days so i have to go back on the 29th of October for my 12 weeks counting down the days till that now lol :) But everything is the way it should be and its growing very well and i have got a very healthy little bubba that im am over the moon with. Its so weird how this little person growing inside me that i have never met means the entire world to me....i dint think love like this was possible but i have undying love for my child and it is my everything! My boyfriend and my mum came to the scan with me and we all had the biggest smiles on our faces when we saw my little bubba's heartbeat.....i couldn't see it at first so i was a bit worried and then i saw it and i have never felt so happy before in my life :)
I also broke the news to my whole family today and surprisingly they were all happy for me and were supportive about so lucky to have a supportive family and friends behind me, bring on the 29th!!!!!!!!

My iccle munchkin....9 weeks 2 days.....very very proud mama :) <3 xoxoxo

Monday, 1 October 2012

Here comes the bump!

Omg im starting to get a little so happy!!!! My boyfriend pointed it out to me he said that i look like im getting bigger and obviously a boy saying that you kinda start thinking 'ohhh great im fat' and that was my first thought because sometimes i forget that im pregnant lol :) But then it just dawned on me that i have a little person growing in there very fast as well....i think i am around 11 weeks but i wont be 100% sure until next Monday when i have my dating scan. I literally cannot wait..i just want to see my little bubba and no everything is okaay. I have been having a lot of practice with kids though because my boyfriend has a little girl who is nearly 2 and then i have 2 little cousins...ones nearly 3 and the other is about 8 months so i have been looking after them all as much as i can for practice and experience lol :) I think i could be the best mum that i can obviously the things im not to confident with i will learn eventually.
As for symptoms i haven't been getting them to bad anymore, i still have morning sickness which is nearly every morning now. Ummmm i haven't been as tired so im starting to get my energy back now which is good because i hate having no energy, and i am still getting the cramps but they are not painful just your regular period cramps without the period lol :) But nothing i cant handle will all be worth it in the end. But there is one little concern i have which i will bring up to my midwife at 16 weeks, i have been getting really dizzy a lot lately so i think my iron levels may be low but i have heard its common in pregnancy but obviously i just want to make sure everything is okaay. And the last thing which is really bugging me is my appetite, i don't no whats going on with it like i hardly want anything that is put in front of me and it takes me ages to actually figure out what my body fancy's. The past week all i have wanted is ice lollies and choc ices....yeah weird i no but that's all i seem to fancy! And that's everything i haven't been getting anything else so obviously pointing to end of first trimester coming up which im happy about because that means im going to be a lot happier and have more energy in me :) So i think that's about it il just post a picture of my belly i took like last week so i was around 10 weeks i think.
Look at my cute iccle bump starting to come up hehe :) Cant wait till i can feel my little munchkin actually kicking gonna be so amazing and such a beautiful moment for me :)