Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Settled in :)

Finally settled in to our new house, and omg im loving the grown up life so far. Its so much less stressful being in my own house with just me and my boyfriend, its nice to spend alone time together :) The house looks so nice and im so impressed with how well we have decorated everything and how we have laid out all the furniture, it looks amazing and im so proud to call this my home! I couldnt have done this all without my families help though, they have been so amazing the past 2 weeks helping us get everything in and helping us pay for some of things, so im very grateful towards my family!
Anyway Sunday i had the 4D scan which was the most amazing thing i have ever experienced, i didnt realise how clear they actually were but i saw my beautiful girls face and she looked so cute i just wanted her there right then to give her cuddles! The scan lasted for 20 mins and the whole thing was put on  a dvd which came with the package we paid for so now i can watch my baby girl as many times as i want.....and then we also paid extra to get a cd rom of all the still pictures that were taken, so we have nearly 100 pictures on a disk which im happy about :) I have a weird daughter though, the woman doing the scan said that babies usually have their hands in front of their face, but not my daughter she had her feet in her face.....typical of my child lol :) But she was very active through the whole scan and kept kicking the wand of my belly which was so cute, her face was clear and i can already see she has my nose and lips, and then she gave us a huge smile and stuck her tongue out which looked exactly like lacey's smile, so i have a feeling she is gonna look like Lacey which doesnt bother me coz she is a beautiful little monkey hehe :) So it was all worth the money and im glad i got to see her like that because it was the most beautiful thing i could have possibly done.....i wish i could do it again to be honest but i dont have the money to if not i probably would.
Today i had my 28 week midwife appointment which went really well, everything is fine, im measuring how i should be at 28 weeks and Taylor is head down so thats good, i was getting worried she wasnt going to move and something would go wrong but shes a good girl....and we got to hear her heartbeat and omg it was such a strong heartbeat, so beautiful just to hear it and no that she is okaay :) Booked in my whooping cough flu jab for thursday as i want to protect my daughter as much as i can so anything i can do to prevent anything happening to her i will....shes my world and i love her so much i couldnt bare having anything happen to her it would break my heart!!!
She is so active now though and my whole belly moves when she is having an active moment, its so weird watching it though it looks like something you would see in an alien film but i love watching it, me and my boyfriend will sit there and watch my belly for like half an hour straight, he always sits there and talks to my belly and touches it and she goes crazy so obviously a daddies girl already bless her.....its just nice to see him get excited like i do because i no a lot of guys wouldnt but he loves being a dad already and the thought of another little princess makes him feel amazing!!! Its nice that we can bring the girls up in a house thats nice and spacious, huge garden as well so we gonna be building them a wooden playhouse this summer and get a little climbing frame and trampoline out there, they are gonna love it!!!! Heres some pics of my bump and the 2D/4D scan :) <3

Picture 1 i am 27 + 5 and Picture 2 i am 28 + 3......my bump is getting huge now and im actually starting to waddle now lol :)

2D picture from the scan Sunday (it was a 2d/4d scan so we got some 2d images as well)

My beautiful little princess.....my fave picture is the 5th one where she has a huge smile on here face....just makes me smile thinking thats my little girl and she just looks so happy, there were like nearly 100 pics but i aint gonna put them all on here, these were just my fave ones!! Im such a proud mummy its unreal, didnt think i could ever feel love like this for a human being but i have all this love for my daughter and shes not evan here yet!! <3 xxxxxx

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