Thursday, 20 September 2012

So exicted!!!

Okaay so today i got my letter come through with my dating scan date on it........its on the 8th October at 11.20. I literally cannot wait im so excited its crazy!!! It sucks that i have to wait just over 2 weeks, but this is gonna be one of those situations where its going to go soooo slow because im like mega excited about it!!!!!
My symptoms haven't been to bad lately....apart from i have been sick a few mornings and been feeling really sick constantly. And i have been awfully tired as well, i don't think i have ever been so tired in my life lol :) But the one thing that is really bad at the minute is my mood swings and emotions. I have been getting stressy over every little things and it winds me up that i get so mad all the time. And then i cry at the most pathetic things and i never cry at anything its annoying!!! I just want this first trimester to be over so that i can get back to my bubbly energetic self again...thats if i actually do thought!!! But apart from that everything is going pretty well at the minute now just gotta wait for ages to see my little munchkin!!! <3 xxx

Friday, 14 September 2012

Midwife appointment :)

So i had my first midwife appointment Wednesday but i couldn't write on here until now because me, my bf and his daughter went away for a couple of nights, it was so nice just getting away and spending some time together. So the midwife appointment went really well, she was so lovely, i was so worried i was going to get some total bitch who was going to start judging me because im a pregnant teen but she was lovely and so caring so im glad shes going to be my midwife. She worked out that ruffly my due date would be April 14th, but obviously not gonna no when im due until i get my scan. But how she worked it out would mean i am about 8 - 9 weeks gone which is a little further than what i thought. I just want to get my first scan already so i can see exactly how far gone i am and when im due. I got all my notes and my big pregnancy information pack so i have been studying that since i got it lol :) There is a lot of things that i never new about pregnancy so the information pack is really handy to have to help me along the way. I don't no when my scan is yet i will be getting a letter through the post at some point next week which will tell me so i have a feeling it will be in the next  few weeks. I seriously cant wait for my scan just so i can actually see there is something in there because it doesn't seem real at the minute, i no i have had 3 positive pregnancy tests plus all the symptoms i should be having but i need to actually see that something is there, its weird to think i have a person growing inside me, and that little person is my son or daughter, its really amazing how it happens.
So my hormones have literally been going crazy, a lot of the time i am very moody and stressy and my poor bf gets it all taken out on him but he understands and just deals with it, i feel so bad about being a bitch to him but sometimes i cant help it because hes always the closest person to me to shout at lol :) But i love him to bits and we have such a good relationship so everything's good with us at the minute. Ummm other symptoms i have been getting is cramps but they haven't been to bad lately so they don't bother me to much anymore, i have been getting weird twinges in my stomach its like its trying to tell me that its there its so weird plus i have been getting random stitches and i can just be sitting still its so annoying!!! Luckily i haven't had morning sickness yet i just have some parts of the day where i feel sick, mostly first thing in the morning and some time around the afternoon. I have been going to the toilet a lot more than i usually would and i have a little bit of constipation but nothing to drastic (i no people probably don't want to no that but im not ashamed of sharing my symptoms because i no other mums to be are having the same symptoms they just dont want to share stuff like this!). I have noticed as well i have been getting a lot of saliva and its annoying me because i feel like my mouth is constantly watering. My boobs are super tender and are starting to hurt a lot more now, my bf mentioned to me a couple of days ago that they looked a bit bigger as well so i examined them and they are definatley growing and i am starting to see veins popping up on them, and i have noticed veins on my belly very faintly as well so that mean that my bump is gonna start to show within in the next few weeks hopefully :) One thing i am annoyed about is stretch marks on my hips, i didn't think you could get them this early but obviously you can or i just have a weird body lol :) But the main thing that is a big problem is fatigue i am like constantly tired and dont have the energy to do anything anymore its really annoying i just want my energy back. Im a night owl so my bed routine has always been go to bed early hours in the morning and wake up late afternoon but now i have been going to bed before midnight every night and waking up no later than 8.30 every morning. Mum keeps telling me that its my body preparing for the sleepless nights when munchkin is here. I cant wait to get this first trimester over and done with its going to be so much easier when i have some energy back in me.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Double checking!

Okaay so it got to today and i still didnt believe that i was pregnant so as its now Monday i thought 'ohh good idea to call up the doctors and get an appointment' turns out that my doctors surgery put you on an appointment with a midwife straight away and i have to wait until next Wednesday at 11.40 for my midwife appointment. So as you could probably tell i was quite pissed of as i wanted something this week maybe??? But no i have to wait until next week so not happy about that!!!!! The main reason i wanted to go was to find out how far gone i was to see if the symptoms were right and that i was doing the right things for how far gone i am. So i decided to get a clear blue test...for two because it would put my mind at ease as i didn't 100% believe that i was pregnant and two because it tells you how far gone you are. I done the test and well it came up positive so im defiantly 100% sure now lol :) and i found out that i am 4 - 5 weeks pregnant.....Eeeeeeek im like so happy!!!!!!! I cant wait to see the midwife next week and find out about everything coz obviously this is my first baby so i dont really no what i am most looking forward to my first scan though just to see my little bundle of joy there, growing inside me.....omg im so excited!!!!!! So the day didnt start of to well but now happy girl :)

Hehe sooooo happy!!!!!!! <3 :)


Sunday, 2 September 2012

I cant believe it!!!

Okaay so i was meant to write this last night but i didnt get a chance because i was having a movie night with my boyfriend :) But anyway Friday afternoon i got some very interesting news. Well first of all for the past week i have been suspecting im pregnant because i have had a few early signs and symptoms. The first main symptom was a missed period, i mean as soon  as you miss a period its kind of the first thing you suspect really and because my periods are very regular every month i thought it was a little weird. Then i started getting all this other weird stuff happening like frequent headaches, feeling more tired than usual, lower abdominal cramps (sort of like a period i suppose), my face has been breaking out (which never happens so im very annoyed!), my back has been feeling like someone has been constantly kicking me in it.....and just a few more things that wouldn't normally happen!
Me and my boyfriend went shopping Friday and he has evan noticed all these weird things happening to me so he mentioned about getting a pregnancy test....i thought why not?? Might as well do one just to be on the safe side. I didn't want to be spending stupid money on a little test that just tells me if im pregnant or not so i just got one from pound land, plus you get 2 tests in them ones. So yeah you may all be thinking oh they are cheap ones so they aint gonna work as well but they are just the same as any other test just a lot cheaper.....i don't see why i should waste £10 on a test when i can get 2 for £1 that work exactly the same!!! So when i got home from shopping i done a test, i no they say you should do a test in the morning because that's when you will get the most accurate result but you can test anytime of the day. So Friday afternoon i was sitting there in my bathroom waiting for them little lines to come up, it said on the box to wait 5 minutes to get a result, but after 2 minutes it was telling me negative so i thought ohh i cant be but then it got to 5 minutes and another line started appearing.....this little line was telling me that i was pregnant and i couldn't actually believe it!!! I ran downstairs to show my boyfriend to make sure i wasnt seeing things and ohhh yes it was telling me i was pregnant :) We didnt no what to say eachother and what to do.....i think every emotion was running through my body at that point i didnt no what to think. To be sure that i was i done another test yesterday morning as that is the best time to test and well that came up positive almost straight away. It so annoying thought because i cant book an appointment to see my gp until tomoz as its a weekend my doctors surgery is closed. So suppose its giving me a weekend to think about things and make sure that im sure of everything. But i no this is what i want and me and my boyfriend are going to bring this child into the world and give it the best life we can. I am going to try and be the most amazing mother ever and be there for my child whenever it needs or wants me :) Now that it is Sunday i have had time to think about things and now im actually rather excited to think that i have a little person growing inside me, a little person that is my son or daughter, its so weird but so wonderful :) Whether people read this or not does not bother me but i will be writing everything down on here as i think it would be a great memory for me in later year to come and just telling my story of a new precious life i am bringing into the world :)


Saturday, 1 September 2012

A little bit about moii :)

I have seen so many people writing blogs about things that have happened in their life's that they want to remember, that they want to share with everyone, things that are so precious to them, things that mean everything to them that they don't ever want to loose the memory of. So i have decided to do exactly that as it basically seems just like an online journal that just everyone can see. But i feel like its time to start sharing my memories and writing them down so that i don't forget the beautiful things that happen in my life.
Basically il just tell you a little bit about myself so you can get a brief idea of my life. I wont tell you my name for safety reasons but i am 18 years old and i live in the UK. I currently don't have a job but i am looking, its so hard trying to find a job, especially when your someone like me who didn't do very well at school and haven't actually got any qualifications, but it hasn't stopped my determination to get a job and be successful in my life. I have had a couple of jobs in the past year but they haven't turned out so well and both ended up me getting the sack (food places just aint my thing lol). But even though im not working i am still trying to be a better person so i decided to take a course in fashion design and dressmaking, fashion has always been my thing and i would love to one day design my own things and have my own boutique....maybe even be as big as Gucci, Prada etc but we'll see about that one :) I live with my mum, dad and 13 year old brother, it is stressful around my house at times as obviously there is gonna be arguments but i love them all no matter what. My mum has been my rock through everything and i love her to bits, she is my idol. Im not as close to my dad but we still get along and have a laugh with each other and if i need his help he will be there for me :) Now my 13 year old brother obviously there is gonna be sibling arguments, you tell me siblings who don't argue??? But i love him to bits, i can trust him with anything and he always keeps my secrets to himself and he always no's how to make me laugh bless him :) The rest of my family like nanny's, grandad, aunties, uncles, cousins are not to bad either, not exactly the best family ever as there has been a lot of arguments recently but i tend to stay out of them as i would end up making them worse! But we lost my grandad last January so i think that's why there is so much tension because its still a shock to everyone, but im staying strong for him the last thing he would have wanted is everyone arguing. Ummm what else can i tell youu???? Ohhhh i have a boyfriend, hes 22, who i love very much, hes my everything hes always there for me when i need him and he just makes me smile constantly. I spend all the time with him and he just just amazing in every way......he has a daughter, shes like 1 n 1/2 , she is the cutest thing ever and i love her to bits and she gets along with me really well so thats a good thing :) Okaay everyone sorry for rambling on but i had a lot to say lol :) Ummm i hope you like it and are now interested in this me the next one which i will post later tonight will have some very interesting information on it. Let me no what you think peeps :) <3