Thursday, 8 November 2012


Well last night we had a little bit of a scare, for the past couple of days i have been getting shooting sharp pains on the right side of my lower abdomen and cramps, for the past 24 hours they started to get a little painful so i decided to go up to a&e, i would rather waste their time and everything is fine then not bother and find out something is wrong at the 20 week scan. My boyfriend took me up there at around 9.40 last night. We were up there for nearly 5 hours and omg it was like the longest, most tiring and boring 5 hours of my life but i needed to make sure my baby was okaay. Turns out everything is perfectly fine and i am just a typical worrying mother lol :) I had to do a urine sample, blood tests and have an ultrasound. They did want to to an internal examination but i chose not to because i didnt feel comfortable with someone sticking something up me :/ But urine sample came back fine, blood tests all come back fine and the baby looked perfectly healthy on the scan. It was wide awake and it was waving its hand around near its face, its like it was waving to us saying 'Look mummy and daddy im fine, stop worrying' so im super happy now that i no my bubba is all healthy and growing like it should be. I just wanted to cry when i saw its little heartbeat, it just made my heart melt noing that was my little bubba there and everything was fine. I no i worry to much but after my miscarriage last year its understandable why i would worry about it. I did get a scan picture but it wasn't very clear and to be honest you cant actually see the baby on it unless you look at it super carefully. But whatever now i no my baby is okaay i can stop worrying and carry on growing my little munchkin and keeping it safe and healthy. Seriously cant wait until December 17th though, i just wanna no if im going to have a son or daughter so bad and then i can start my baby shopping!!! Hehe :)


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