Monday, 29 October 2012

12 week scan!

So today was  my 12 week scan......feels like the past 3 weeks have gone so quickly. I was up at 6.00 this morning, mainly due to morning sickness, but i think maybe because i was a little excited as well. Today i had my boyfriend Troy, my mum and my 13 year old brother Jay come to the scan with me. It was amazing seeing how big my bubba had gotten since my last scan which was at 9 weeks. The only thing is i had a little bit of a stubborn bubba today, it didn't want to move to let us see everything, it wanted to sleep instead the little monkey lol :) It took a while to finally wake up and let us get the most decent picture we could, it wriggled a little when it woke up which was cute but it looked like it went straight back to sleep again. My due date had changed slightly, i found out that im now due May 10th 2013 so not much difference really. But everything was perfectly fine with me and the baby, it was measuring 6cm which is average measurement for 12 weeks so its a good size and the amniotic fluid around the head is perfectly normal, everything is growing how is should be so im happy. As long as i no my bubba is okaay and healthy i feel more at ease. I have my next scan on 17th December which is when i will be finding out whether im having my baby girl Taylor Lilly Wood or my baby boy Kaiden Lee Logan Wood, i seriously cannot wait so then i can start baby shopping for the sex instead of getting neutral clothes all the time. So all in all a very happy day for me and im very proud mummy who loves her little munchkin more than anything in the world!!!!

Not that much of a clear picture but i can still see the main parts of my bubba that i need to, just obviously being very stubborn like its mummy today lol :) <3 xxx

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