Monday, 3 December 2012

16 week checkup!

Well this a little late since my 16 week midwife checkup was on 27th November but my internet has been down so haven't had a chance to write on here. So i am now 17 weeks 3 days and omg its so weird feels like this pregnancy has gone really fast but slow at the same time. But its weird to think that i am nearly half way through.
So the midwife appointment went really well....everything is perfectly fine and im measuring how i should be so that's good :) And best part about the appointment was hearing my bubba's heartbeat....omg it was so beautiful to hear. It took her a while to find it so i did panic a little but she finally found it and my face literally lit up it was so nice to hear my baby is okaay and has a good strong heartbeat. The fetal heart rate was 154 so that's kind of another sign that i may be expecting a little the minute everything is pointing to a girl so i will be in total shock if its boy but i will be over the moon with whatever :) Now i have to wait until December 17th to find out whether its pink or blue i will be buying i seriously cannot wait!!!! :O
Another exciting thing that's been happening is for the past couple of weeks since i was about 15 weeks i have been feeling movement, not enough to see from the outside or for anyone else to feel but i have been feeling slight little flutters and for the past 4 5 days i have been feeling super strong movements like little kicks....its crazy actually feeling it now but its such a nice feeling because its like a reassurance for me and its like munchkin is saying 'mummy im awake and im okaay' just makes me smile every time i feel it move and im already such a proud mummy :) My boyfriend is finding everything really exciting as well and he loves all the baby talk and baby shopping and hes planning out stuff we are going to do as a family in the future, including his nearly 2 year old daughter as well, and he is just such an amazing person, couldn't ask for a better father to my child and im so happy :) His daughter is such a little angel as well, she no's that i have a baby in my belly and she always says ya ya (that's nickname kids call me) baby belly its so cute....and when we show her the scan picture she says ya ya baby and then gives it a kiss....seriously super cute :) And plus side as well morning sickness has gone....and everything has basically gone doesn't evan feel like im pregnant some times until i feel a little nudge then i realize i  really am growing a baby inside me lol :) Here are some pics of my bump as its getting quite big now.....

 This is my bump at 15 weeks :)
And this is my bump at 16 weeks 4 days....can defoo see that im pregnant now lol :) xxx

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