Friday, 14 December 2012

Tiny movements!

Well today i am 19 weeks pregnant and so far i am loving it....yeah i had some horrible symptoms at first but now its the most amazing thing in the world to me and i couldn't be happier. One thing that is really making me love pregnancy is feeling my baby move.....i have been feeling it move for quite a while but now im starting to get actual kicks! They are not strong enough for anyone else to feel but they are getting stronger so it wont be long till i start seeing my belly move lol :) But i tell you what feeling them first little kicks is the best feeling in the world and it just makes my heart melt to no that i have my son or daughter growing inside me as we speak, its so weird but amazing!! Another exciting thing....Monday i will be finding out whether i have a son or daughter on the way and i seriously cannot wait.....its all i ever talk about and i cant stop thinking about it. I think im having a girl and so does everyone else so if i find out its a boy i will be totally shocked....but i don't care what it is as long as its healthy and loves its mummy and daddy i don't care!! I have found a crib that i want so i will be buying that next week so i can buy all the bedding with it as well....that is the thing that's gonna make it all real because i will have it set up in my room and just imagining my little baby is going to be in there in may doesn't really seem that long away when i think about it....i mean nest Friday i am going to be  20 weeks so i am like nearly half way through my pregnancy already, it feels like it has gone sooooo quick yet slow at the same time. Think i might have to buy some either boys or girls clothes next week just to brighten up munchkins drawers as they are looking a little to neutral at the minute so i no that i will probably go a little crazy with the baby clothes shopping but im aloud its mummy so im meant to spoil my bubba haha :) Here is a picture of my bump that i just took its getting so big now its actually starting to get in the way of doing certain things lol :)

Love my little munchkin, my boyfriend and my step daughter so much....perfect little family that i wouldn't change for the world!!! Muuuaaahhh......(xx) <3 xxxxxxx

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