Monday, 1 October 2012

Here comes the bump!

Omg im starting to get a little so happy!!!! My boyfriend pointed it out to me he said that i look like im getting bigger and obviously a boy saying that you kinda start thinking 'ohhh great im fat' and that was my first thought because sometimes i forget that im pregnant lol :) But then it just dawned on me that i have a little person growing in there very fast as well....i think i am around 11 weeks but i wont be 100% sure until next Monday when i have my dating scan. I literally cannot wait..i just want to see my little bubba and no everything is okaay. I have been having a lot of practice with kids though because my boyfriend has a little girl who is nearly 2 and then i have 2 little cousins...ones nearly 3 and the other is about 8 months so i have been looking after them all as much as i can for practice and experience lol :) I think i could be the best mum that i can obviously the things im not to confident with i will learn eventually.
As for symptoms i haven't been getting them to bad anymore, i still have morning sickness which is nearly every morning now. Ummmm i haven't been as tired so im starting to get my energy back now which is good because i hate having no energy, and i am still getting the cramps but they are not painful just your regular period cramps without the period lol :) But nothing i cant handle will all be worth it in the end. But there is one little concern i have which i will bring up to my midwife at 16 weeks, i have been getting really dizzy a lot lately so i think my iron levels may be low but i have heard its common in pregnancy but obviously i just want to make sure everything is okaay. And the last thing which is really bugging me is my appetite, i don't no whats going on with it like i hardly want anything that is put in front of me and it takes me ages to actually figure out what my body fancy's. The past week all i have wanted is ice lollies and choc ices....yeah weird i no but that's all i seem to fancy! And that's everything i haven't been getting anything else so obviously pointing to end of first trimester coming up which im happy about because that means im going to be a lot happier and have more energy in me :) So i think that's about it il just post a picture of my belly i took like last week so i was around 10 weeks i think.
Look at my cute iccle bump starting to come up hehe :) Cant wait till i can feel my little munchkin actually kicking gonna be so amazing and such a beautiful moment for me :)


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