Monday, 8 October 2012


Omg i had my first scan today and it has to be the most amazing thing i have ever seen!!! I was so worried when i went in there because i thought that either nothing was gonna show up or they couldn't find a heartbeat but my little munchkin was perfect :) It was an active little thing wriggling its little arms and legs about it was soooooo cute :) The only thing is turns out im not as far along as i thought i was im only 9 weeks 2 days so i have to go back on the 29th of October for my 12 weeks counting down the days till that now lol :) But everything is the way it should be and its growing very well and i have got a very healthy little bubba that im am over the moon with. Its so weird how this little person growing inside me that i have never met means the entire world to me....i dint think love like this was possible but i have undying love for my child and it is my everything! My boyfriend and my mum came to the scan with me and we all had the biggest smiles on our faces when we saw my little bubba's heartbeat.....i couldn't see it at first so i was a bit worried and then i saw it and i have never felt so happy before in my life :)
I also broke the news to my whole family today and surprisingly they were all happy for me and were supportive about so lucky to have a supportive family and friends behind me, bring on the 29th!!!!!!!!

My iccle munchkin....9 weeks 2 days.....very very proud mama :) <3 xoxoxo

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