Saturday, 27 October 2012

Mummys getting bigger :)

Well i am now officially 12 weeks pregnant today and i am feeling some what better but still got a few of my symptoms like morning sickness every single morning as soon as i wake up, constant headaches and dizziness, feeling like someone is grabbing my belly and stretching it and just feeling uncomfortable a lot of the time. But on the plus side im not feeling so tired anymore and i feel like i have a bit more energy back in me now which is super awesome!! But one thing i have noticed more than anything is my bump it has got so much bigger since my first scan which was only 3 weeks ago. Its amazing how much it is growing in so little time. Soon il be feeling my bubba kick, seriously cannot wait for that :) I have my scan on Monday and i am literally so excited i cant stop talking about, finally get to see my little munchkin again and hopefully it will be active for its mummy and daddy again as well as its nanny and uncle since my mum and younger brother is going to be coming along to see it. Ohhh and i have started my own pregnancy and baby scrapbook so i can keep all the amazing memories that me, my boyfriend, my bubba and my step daughter are going to have as one little happy family. Life is looking so good at the minute and things are starting to go to plan just hope noting messes any of this up for me and my family. Heres some updated pictures of my iccle bump!!!1 <3

Mummy and daddy's little munchkin growing away.....cant wait to meet you bubba!!!! We love you more than anything and nothing will change that <3 xxx

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