Saturday, 5 January 2013

Hospital bag....

So im like super bored so i thought i would do a list of all the stuff i need in my hospital bag as its something thats gonna help me out nearer the time anyway. Took me ages to actually find out because i didnt have a clue but i think this is everything im gonna need lol :)

Things for me;
- Birthing plan and maternity notes
- Dressing Gown
- Slippers
- Socks
- Long t-shirt's and PJ's
- Lip balm
- Underwear and nursing bra's
- Disposable nickers
- Breast pads
- Maternity pads
- Towel
- Clothes for going home
- Tooth brush and tooth paste
- Deodorant
- Make-up
- Hairbrush, hairbands and grips
- Snacks and drinks
- Ipod touch, magazines, ect (things to keep me occupied)
- Water spray or hand held fan
- Mobile and charger
- Camera

Things for Taylor- Lilly;
- 2-3 sleep suits and vests
- Mittens
- Socks or booties
- Baby blanket
- Nappies
- Cotton wool or wipes
- Nappy cream
- Formula milk and bottles
- Muslin squares
- Hat
- Jacket or cardigan
- Dummy
- Car seat

So that's everything i can think of, i probably have forgotten something but i dont have a clue what im meant to be taking in my hospital bag as i have never done any of this before. Love the whole new experience though its awesome :)


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