Saturday, 26 January 2013

Movement :)

Well not really much to tell other than i can actually now see my belly move when my little princess kicks....omg its so weird just seeing my belly flick out but i love every minute of it :) Me and my boyfriend have just sat there staring at my belly for the past few nights just watching her be a little ninja, i love how active she is now because it makes me worry a hell of a lot less because its like a way of her telling me that shes there and shes okaay. Seriously though it seems like the closer my due date gets the slower the time gos, i have 15 weeks left and it feels like its just going to slow i just wanna meet my baby girl already! The first 20 weeks went like super quick and then all of a sudden the weeks have just slowed down and its crazy. Good thing is we have nearly finished baby shopping we only have a few extra bits to get next month when my bf gets paid and then we done :) I cant stop myself buying her clothes though, its like if i see something cute i have to get it, got to have my girl looking cute haven't i hehe :) Ohh and we got some total bargains in asda the other day, at they have their baby toddler event on we thought why not get some bits out the way.....we got a huggies hospital starter kit which has 27 nappies, a pack of wipes and cotton soft sheets all for £3 and then we got a pack of 75 newborn huggies nappies for £8, a box of 6 packs of little angels wipes for £4 and then the best thing that is seriously amazing we got a pack of 6 Tommee Tippee closer to nature pink bottles, they were meant to be £25 but they were down to £10, seriously how could i not get them for that price??? So im happy with my bargains i got lol :) Ohh and i have already packed Taylor's hospital bag as i have everything for it apart from the formula but we are getting that closer to the time and i have briefly started on mine but not in any rush at the minute. Lastly my bump is growing by the days now, its like she is just having a massive growth spurt because i just feel like i am getting bigger and bigger every day i wake up, evan my bf mentioned it to me saying i look bigger every morning lately :)
 This was taken at 22 weeks and 3 days......very proud mummy as you can see :)

This was taken at 23 weeks and 2 days....i don't no about anyone else but i can see the difference from 22 weeks :)

And then this was at 24 weeks and 4 days....and now i can definatley see the difference so she is growing very quickly but im proud of my bump and im proud of the fact im going to be a mummy to a beautiful baby girl :)


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