Saturday, 26 January 2013

My baby checklist

This is just my checklist that i keep handy so i no what im buying to prepare for my girl.....i would be such a mess without this list so thought i would just post it and maybe it would help others that were stuck what to buy for their bubba's as well :)

- Pushchair/Travel system +  Car seat + Pram blanket
- Crib/Moses basket + Mattress + Sheets + Blankets
- Bath Chair/Baby bath
- Bouncy chair
- Play gym + Tummy time mat
- Changing mat
- Bottles with teats and caps
- Bottle brush
- Sterilizing equipment 
- Sponges
- Wash cloths
- Muslin squares
- Cuddle robes/Towels
- Nappy cream
- Cotton Wool/Cotton soft sheets
- Baby shampoo
- Baby lotion
- Baby oil
- Baby brush
- Small nail clippers/Scissors
- Thermometer
- Bibs
- Fleece blanket
- Dummies
- Soothers/Teethers
- Toys
- Nursing pillow
- Bumbo
- Clothes + Sleep-suits + Light Jacket
- Socks + Booties
- Mittens
- Formula Milk
- Nappies
- Wipes
- Baby Monitor

Thats all the essential stuff i need and them obviously if there is anything else i have seen that i want to get her i get it, but that is the main stuff that is needed for a newborn really :) I just go by this list ticking things off when i have them and by looking at this all i have left to get is;
- Bath Chair
- Bouncy Chair
- Play gym 
 We are getting them 3 things next month when my bf gets paid so we dont have anaything to worry about really :) I do need the sterilizing equipment as well but my mum is going to be buying that for me so i dont need to worry about that. And then when it comes to all like the baby lotions and bath stuff my bfs nanny is getting that all for us plus some clothes, nappies, mittens, socks all little bits that will help out and shes putting it all in one of them bath boxes so i dont need to worry about any of that stuff either so yeah we are basically done withe everything we need :)



  1. How come you don't post on the dricki story anymore!! It's soo good!! The best one I've read!!! *cries*

  2. Aww im sorry i just been so busy with things, and when i write that story i need a clear head and things have been all over the place with my pregnancy and now moving out as well but as soon as im settled into my new house i will then have time to actually sit down and write more to the dricki story....i promise there is a lot more to come just have to give me time...i hate disappointing people so i will get the next chapter up as soon as i can :) xx