Thursday, 3 January 2013


Yeah i no its a little late but i have been so busy haven't had time to write an update of whats going on. So my baby girl has started kicking like crazy and actually getting to the point where its keeping me awake but it feels so nice i love it, just reassures me that she is okaay :) My boyfriend finally got to feel her as well like a couple of days before Xmas, he was so happy and then he got to feel her Xmas day as well which was amazing for him and i cant tell you how happy it made him feeling our little princess, hes such a proud daddy :) But yeah our Christmas was really nice and my man spoilt me rotten bless him but then i was a super top gf by getting him a ps3 so i think he was quite spoilt as well lol :) But boxing day was the best day, i had my step daughter round mine opening all her presents from me and my boyfriend and she loved it, she took about 5 hours opening everything but it was an amazing day and she had a lot of fun playing with all her new toys, the only thing is her birthday is January 25th so shes gonna be getting spoilt again soon....more money out my pocket lol :) I had a good new years eve as well, we had family come round for a little get together and it was such a laugh, my boyfriend was  there as well and it was just so nice that he got along with all my family, he is the first bf iv ever introduced to other family members other than my mum, dad and brother so it was nice that everyone can see how serious i am about him and how much he is supporting me through this pregnancy, but he is such an amazing dad already so i new he was gonna support me the second i found out. But now its new year and a start to a new life, its now weird saying my daughter is gonna be born this year!!! But i have the most amazing first memory of  2013, and its one i will never forget because it was so perfect, me and my man laying in bed watching ted while we both feel our little princess kick away, now that is what i call a moment for life :) Hmmm what else can it i tell you......ohh we finally booked our 4d scan which i cannot wait to have, we have it booked for February 17th!!! I'm literally so excited hehe :) Also booked my 25 week appointment with the midwife as well which i have on January 29th so will probably get to hear my baby girls heartbeat again which will be amazing!!! :) Omg though my belly is literally growing daily now, its getting so big and i actually look pregnant instead of fat now....and its weird because i can actually see my belly move when she kicks its so beautiful to see and makes me such a proud mummy. Other symptoms are pretty much the usual but i have been getting the craziest back aches and it sucks, and i keep getting leg cramps as well which aint to good but i mostly only get them at night time when im sitting in the same position for to long. So everything is going super well with my baby girl and i love her more than anything in the world, she is my everything and i cannot wait to meet her, she is has been getting so spoilt as well i just cant help but spend money on her, she has so many clothes now and most of everything else to be honest lol :) So bring on 2013 i can see this being my year, and defoo a changed me, im crazy in love with the most amazing guy ever, i have a beautiful step daughter, should be moving out either before Taylor is here or not long after, going to be doing home study to get my qualifications in English, maths, fashion design and child psychology, maybe get engaged we will see as i no my bf wants to but i keep holding it off, and last but not least the main thing of this year going to meet my beautiful daughter which i cannot wait for im literally counting down the days (126 days left to be exact lol) hehe :) Anyway here is my latest belly pic, i have like a perfect bump atm, its perfectly round and i did have tiny stretch marks on my hips but they have faded so all good :) This pic i am 21 weeks and 6 days........

 Look at my beautiful baby girl bump, love my bump so much :) Mummy and Daddy love you loads princess cant wait to meet you <3 xxxxxx

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