Saturday, 1 September 2012

A little bit about moii :)

I have seen so many people writing blogs about things that have happened in their life's that they want to remember, that they want to share with everyone, things that are so precious to them, things that mean everything to them that they don't ever want to loose the memory of. So i have decided to do exactly that as it basically seems just like an online journal that just everyone can see. But i feel like its time to start sharing my memories and writing them down so that i don't forget the beautiful things that happen in my life.
Basically il just tell you a little bit about myself so you can get a brief idea of my life. I wont tell you my name for safety reasons but i am 18 years old and i live in the UK. I currently don't have a job but i am looking, its so hard trying to find a job, especially when your someone like me who didn't do very well at school and haven't actually got any qualifications, but it hasn't stopped my determination to get a job and be successful in my life. I have had a couple of jobs in the past year but they haven't turned out so well and both ended up me getting the sack (food places just aint my thing lol). But even though im not working i am still trying to be a better person so i decided to take a course in fashion design and dressmaking, fashion has always been my thing and i would love to one day design my own things and have my own boutique....maybe even be as big as Gucci, Prada etc but we'll see about that one :) I live with my mum, dad and 13 year old brother, it is stressful around my house at times as obviously there is gonna be arguments but i love them all no matter what. My mum has been my rock through everything and i love her to bits, she is my idol. Im not as close to my dad but we still get along and have a laugh with each other and if i need his help he will be there for me :) Now my 13 year old brother obviously there is gonna be sibling arguments, you tell me siblings who don't argue??? But i love him to bits, i can trust him with anything and he always keeps my secrets to himself and he always no's how to make me laugh bless him :) The rest of my family like nanny's, grandad, aunties, uncles, cousins are not to bad either, not exactly the best family ever as there has been a lot of arguments recently but i tend to stay out of them as i would end up making them worse! But we lost my grandad last January so i think that's why there is so much tension because its still a shock to everyone, but im staying strong for him the last thing he would have wanted is everyone arguing. Ummm what else can i tell youu???? Ohhhh i have a boyfriend, hes 22, who i love very much, hes my everything hes always there for me when i need him and he just makes me smile constantly. I spend all the time with him and he just just amazing in every way......he has a daughter, shes like 1 n 1/2 , she is the cutest thing ever and i love her to bits and she gets along with me really well so thats a good thing :) Okaay everyone sorry for rambling on but i had a lot to say lol :) Ummm i hope you like it and are now interested in this me the next one which i will post later tonight will have some very interesting information on it. Let me no what you think peeps :) <3


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