Monday, 3 September 2012

Double checking!

Okaay so it got to today and i still didnt believe that i was pregnant so as its now Monday i thought 'ohh good idea to call up the doctors and get an appointment' turns out that my doctors surgery put you on an appointment with a midwife straight away and i have to wait until next Wednesday at 11.40 for my midwife appointment. So as you could probably tell i was quite pissed of as i wanted something this week maybe??? But no i have to wait until next week so not happy about that!!!!! The main reason i wanted to go was to find out how far gone i was to see if the symptoms were right and that i was doing the right things for how far gone i am. So i decided to get a clear blue test...for two because it would put my mind at ease as i didn't 100% believe that i was pregnant and two because it tells you how far gone you are. I done the test and well it came up positive so im defiantly 100% sure now lol :) and i found out that i am 4 - 5 weeks pregnant.....Eeeeeeek im like so happy!!!!!!! I cant wait to see the midwife next week and find out about everything coz obviously this is my first baby so i dont really no what i am most looking forward to my first scan though just to see my little bundle of joy there, growing inside me.....omg im so excited!!!!!! So the day didnt start of to well but now happy girl :)

Hehe sooooo happy!!!!!!! <3 :)


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