Sunday, 2 September 2012

I cant believe it!!!

Okaay so i was meant to write this last night but i didnt get a chance because i was having a movie night with my boyfriend :) But anyway Friday afternoon i got some very interesting news. Well first of all for the past week i have been suspecting im pregnant because i have had a few early signs and symptoms. The first main symptom was a missed period, i mean as soon  as you miss a period its kind of the first thing you suspect really and because my periods are very regular every month i thought it was a little weird. Then i started getting all this other weird stuff happening like frequent headaches, feeling more tired than usual, lower abdominal cramps (sort of like a period i suppose), my face has been breaking out (which never happens so im very annoyed!), my back has been feeling like someone has been constantly kicking me in it.....and just a few more things that wouldn't normally happen!
Me and my boyfriend went shopping Friday and he has evan noticed all these weird things happening to me so he mentioned about getting a pregnancy test....i thought why not?? Might as well do one just to be on the safe side. I didn't want to be spending stupid money on a little test that just tells me if im pregnant or not so i just got one from pound land, plus you get 2 tests in them ones. So yeah you may all be thinking oh they are cheap ones so they aint gonna work as well but they are just the same as any other test just a lot cheaper.....i don't see why i should waste £10 on a test when i can get 2 for £1 that work exactly the same!!! So when i got home from shopping i done a test, i no they say you should do a test in the morning because that's when you will get the most accurate result but you can test anytime of the day. So Friday afternoon i was sitting there in my bathroom waiting for them little lines to come up, it said on the box to wait 5 minutes to get a result, but after 2 minutes it was telling me negative so i thought ohh i cant be but then it got to 5 minutes and another line started appearing.....this little line was telling me that i was pregnant and i couldn't actually believe it!!! I ran downstairs to show my boyfriend to make sure i wasnt seeing things and ohhh yes it was telling me i was pregnant :) We didnt no what to say eachother and what to do.....i think every emotion was running through my body at that point i didnt no what to think. To be sure that i was i done another test yesterday morning as that is the best time to test and well that came up positive almost straight away. It so annoying thought because i cant book an appointment to see my gp until tomoz as its a weekend my doctors surgery is closed. So suppose its giving me a weekend to think about things and make sure that im sure of everything. But i no this is what i want and me and my boyfriend are going to bring this child into the world and give it the best life we can. I am going to try and be the most amazing mother ever and be there for my child whenever it needs or wants me :) Now that it is Sunday i have had time to think about things and now im actually rather excited to think that i have a little person growing inside me, a little person that is my son or daughter, its so weird but so wonderful :) Whether people read this or not does not bother me but i will be writing everything down on here as i think it would be a great memory for me in later year to come and just telling my story of a new precious life i am bringing into the world :)


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