Friday, 14 September 2012

Midwife appointment :)

So i had my first midwife appointment Wednesday but i couldn't write on here until now because me, my bf and his daughter went away for a couple of nights, it was so nice just getting away and spending some time together. So the midwife appointment went really well, she was so lovely, i was so worried i was going to get some total bitch who was going to start judging me because im a pregnant teen but she was lovely and so caring so im glad shes going to be my midwife. She worked out that ruffly my due date would be April 14th, but obviously not gonna no when im due until i get my scan. But how she worked it out would mean i am about 8 - 9 weeks gone which is a little further than what i thought. I just want to get my first scan already so i can see exactly how far gone i am and when im due. I got all my notes and my big pregnancy information pack so i have been studying that since i got it lol :) There is a lot of things that i never new about pregnancy so the information pack is really handy to have to help me along the way. I don't no when my scan is yet i will be getting a letter through the post at some point next week which will tell me so i have a feeling it will be in the next  few weeks. I seriously cant wait for my scan just so i can actually see there is something in there because it doesn't seem real at the minute, i no i have had 3 positive pregnancy tests plus all the symptoms i should be having but i need to actually see that something is there, its weird to think i have a person growing inside me, and that little person is my son or daughter, its really amazing how it happens.
So my hormones have literally been going crazy, a lot of the time i am very moody and stressy and my poor bf gets it all taken out on him but he understands and just deals with it, i feel so bad about being a bitch to him but sometimes i cant help it because hes always the closest person to me to shout at lol :) But i love him to bits and we have such a good relationship so everything's good with us at the minute. Ummm other symptoms i have been getting is cramps but they haven't been to bad lately so they don't bother me to much anymore, i have been getting weird twinges in my stomach its like its trying to tell me that its there its so weird plus i have been getting random stitches and i can just be sitting still its so annoying!!! Luckily i haven't had morning sickness yet i just have some parts of the day where i feel sick, mostly first thing in the morning and some time around the afternoon. I have been going to the toilet a lot more than i usually would and i have a little bit of constipation but nothing to drastic (i no people probably don't want to no that but im not ashamed of sharing my symptoms because i no other mums to be are having the same symptoms they just dont want to share stuff like this!). I have noticed as well i have been getting a lot of saliva and its annoying me because i feel like my mouth is constantly watering. My boobs are super tender and are starting to hurt a lot more now, my bf mentioned to me a couple of days ago that they looked a bit bigger as well so i examined them and they are definatley growing and i am starting to see veins popping up on them, and i have noticed veins on my belly very faintly as well so that mean that my bump is gonna start to show within in the next few weeks hopefully :) One thing i am annoyed about is stretch marks on my hips, i didn't think you could get them this early but obviously you can or i just have a weird body lol :) But the main thing that is a big problem is fatigue i am like constantly tired and dont have the energy to do anything anymore its really annoying i just want my energy back. Im a night owl so my bed routine has always been go to bed early hours in the morning and wake up late afternoon but now i have been going to bed before midnight every night and waking up no later than 8.30 every morning. Mum keeps telling me that its my body preparing for the sleepless nights when munchkin is here. I cant wait to get this first trimester over and done with its going to be so much easier when i have some energy back in me.

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